Thursday, 3 November 2011

Food for a Good Cause

After writing the below post this evening and prior to publishing, I have found out that a friend of a friend's Dad has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Then I find out that the long term girlfriend of a former colleague has just passed away after a long battle with cancer.

A friend of mine passed away due to cancer a year and a half ago, just before his 26th birthday.


Everyone likes food, right? We all eat. If you do something you normally do and are able to help a good cause, then why not? And / or one of these charities could help you!

I really think it's great that there are a number of organisations promoting and helping worthy causes. I've heard about a fair few activities in recent days - some that I knew of already, and some were new to me.

Macmillan Cancer Support

The Tastecard, also mentioned in my previous blog post, has partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support and have raised £32,640 by donating £5 from every membership card purchased. Discount for you, donations for charity. Win!

Macmillan Cancer Support have raised a whopping £7,422,542 with their Coffee Morning campaign. Marks and Spencer are their official sponsors donating 10p of selected products from their cafĂ©.

British Heart Foundation

I regularly donate to the British Heart Foundation who support those affected by heart disease and are active in pioneering research. The BHF educate us on the importance of keeping our hearts healthy and provide some really great recipes for a healthy diet. I love my Heart Matters magazine, which keeps me in check and the Healthy Recipe Finder app for some really great meal options.

My Dad passed away at the early age of 46 due to heart disease nearly 9 years ago, so I find the advice from the BHF really helpful to keep myself healthy and I completely support their cause and research to improve heart health.

Breast Cancer Care

My Old Dutch supported Breast Cancer Care by painting their restaurant pink and donating £1 for every strawberry milkshake sold. What a great effort!

Eat, Drink and Support

Food is our fuel, and so it is a powerful means of fundraising. These charities, amongst others, do amazing work and they deserve all the support they can get.

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